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Fear the Jean: American Apparel Edition

I lived through the 1980s, and I remember these jeans, which is more than the audience being marketed to here can say: Image

I think I am getting hives. Whether it’s the acid wash or the cut, I can’t say. Can’t…deconstruct…feelings.Image

This would go really well with my old ESPRIT shirt and chunky jewelry. And Coty Wild Musk. Actually, though, my first thought was of the Mom Jeans SNL skit. If you are ready to go deeper into the rabbit hole, here’s another version–not so much a Mom jean. More of a straight time machine back to 1987. Paired with Minnetonka lace-up boots, a Def Leppard T-shirt, and a lot of hairspray: Image

On one hand, I can appreciate a high waist, particularly after having two children AND witnessing the cracktapular havoc that super-low rises wreaked on our culture. Plumbers have nothing on that trend. On the other hand, these jeans are not what my eyes can fathom as attractive.